Pick up your kids, pick up your dinner &

10% goes back to NCSA. 

Exhausted by Thursday?

We just made Thursday night dinners super easy! When you pick up your child at NCSA, you can pick up your dinner at our SPICED booth in the lower parking lot and 10% will be donated back to NCSA. 


Get Spiced.

Each week we feature a curry or dal from a different region in Asia, that is vegetarian and gluten free! You can also grab our full experience membership and get a side of grain and a side of vegetables to match each curry.

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  How it works  


Whether you would like just the two quarts of curry or dal or a full meal, we have the right membership for you.


Yeah, it's really that simple. You choose a membership and you'll have your food to you at NCSA pick up, 3:15pm! 



We will deliver it right to NCSA so that when you pick up your kiddo from school, you can also grab your dinner.


Choose a membership.

we make deliciousness.

we deliver.

Meet the chef

Hi, my name is Elise Gonzales-Sahota and I am the owner and chef at SPICED. After living a decade in India and studying with high end chefs, aunties and home cooks, I developed a love affair with spices.

As I moved back to the United States with my Indian husband and daughter, I saw that the food around our dinner party table was able to ignite discussion, crumble stereotypes and connect people. I decided to combine my greatest passions of food, connection and community into a social business for good and created SPICED!

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Mags Yen-Chuang Matthews

Fit for Life Partner

Elise is an amazing chef artist.  Everything she creates  in the SPICED food subscription is delicious, carefully curated and comes with fantastic recommendations.  The spices are perfectly balanced, w/ strong flavors, and not too firey for my little ones's delicate tongues. Her food warms the soul, you can taste the love and care that goes into it. 


Mackenzie Leeke 


It was delicious 💛 . This was one of the smartest postpartum gifts I gave our family. It felt so good to be eating nourishing food without having to do anything or have loads of dishes to clean. We just stood there last night, taking turns holding our 3 month old and drinking the soup straight out of the container.

Lieann Campbell

Bell Hill Academy Teacher

Elise puts her heart and soul into making delicious, healthy food that warms your body and soul. I love how she transports us with flavors and spices to distant lands but delivers to your door! 

Choose a membership

Every membership price includes 2 monthly deliveries of food.